Our industry association, APPA, poses some questions on their site for customers to ask their promo companies. We answer these below:


How long have we been in the promotional product industry and how long have we been APPA members ?
We’ve been in the promotional products business since 1998 and have been APPA members since 2000.

What is our policy on timely deilvery of goods ?
On-time delivery of goods is extremely important to Grenada Promotions. We are a customer-focused business. We have implemented procedures to ensure orders, which we call “critical” (for a specific date) are carefully monitored to ensure on-time delivery. If we commit to an urgent order, we’ll work extremely hard to ensure you receive your goods on time.

While we have monitoring procedures in place, its also important that your approvals/confirmations being made in a timely manner. To assist with timely approvals, you may need additional services, like SMS updates of your order. In this case, please discuss with your consultant at time of ordering.

What is our policy on short deliveries ?
Your orders are checked prior to dispatch. Rarely, we find an item that, for some reason, being a printing error or faulty goods, that we reject the product. In this case, you will not be billed for that product. Normally, say for 250 stress shapes, 249 is delivery and 249 is invoiced, this is of no concern. However, if you require exact numbers for a specific reason, please let us know at time of delivery.

What is your returns policy ?
We know mistakes happen and goods can, in good faith, be delivered incorrectly or faulty. In this case, we back our products. We expect customers should check their goods within 72 hours and advise us should anything be wrong. We do point out during our approval process, that we recommend and give you the opportunity to check your perception of the product against blank samples before ordering to avoid any confusion.


Our industry association also issues some statements on their site suggesting what customers should not hear from us. We add our comment on these below.

What you shouldn’t hear from your promo company:

That they will undercut any price
We agree with APPA. While its always our goal to be competitive, we balance this with the professional way we need to conduct business. We focus on long term relationships and being able to serve you for years to come. Further, its our goal to provide you with quality products and when we quote on any specific product, we’ll be happy to discuss long term benefits to you of using quality products for your promotion.

That promotional products are so cheap that can’t be guaranteed to work
We back our products. We encourage customers to use quality products, like Bic® branded pens. Its also about relevance to your target market.

We are interested in keeping customers for a long term relationship, we’d like your promotions to work and you come back for repeat orders.

That there is no reason to be an APPA member
We are very pleased to be an APPA member. It gives up the opportunity to network with other members, attend trade shows and educational events relevant to our industry and keep up to date with industry news.

That there is no reason to sign art approvals
Signing off on your order and artwork, ensures both parties understand what has been ordered. Its a professional way to conduct business and avoids costly mistakes that everyone pays for in the long run.