Stubby Holders

Stubby Holders are called by many names in various parts of the country. Some call them Stubby Coolers, Stubbie Holders or Coldy Holders. One thing is for sure, they’ll help keep your drink cool.  As an added bonus, they’ll carry your brand or message.

The full colour Stubby Holder is now the most popular.  You can include logos and photographs. The design options are limited only by imagination. Please visit PromoBasics for prices.

Stubby holders are tradionally made from neoprene (wet suit material) and the most popular ones have a glued in base.  However, a more economical version is a flat packed stubby holder that folds out to carry your can or bottle.  These can be made of neoprene or now even a fabric covered foam holder.  These are light weight and are an ideal mail out.

Enjoy a cold one with us! We can help you find whatever stubby holder best suits your cold beverage needs!