The best things are always a little quirky, a little odd and a whole lot of fun. Therefore, whether you are looking to give a gift or something that will capture attention, we can help you find the right promotional novelty.

So, when would you use a Novelty product?
First of all, is getting a message across to Children.  As a result, we’ve created a page of our most popular suggestions with prices. Likewise, we have linked the  catalogues below directly to the suggested products for Children.

Children Suggestions
Funky Things
Popular Children’s Products
(also priced)

Even More Novelties

Also featuring in the category would be personal items like lip balms, pill boxes, health products like sanitisers, sunscreens and even more.  As a result, the options available are massive.  Maybe browse the catalogues below for new ideas.

Massive Range of Products
Novelty Specialist
Our dedicated site for Stress Shapes
(also priced)

Need Help ?

Finally, this category is really only limited by your imagination.  Due to overseas sourcing of small novelty products, we often source a variety of products not listed in catalogues.  So, if you have an idea or can’t find the product you’re looking for, please call or email us, we’re certainly happy to help