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Delivery Policy 
In the event of the Customer or the Customer’s Agent is not on site to accept the delivery, then the delivery driver’s signature denoting the time, date & place of delivery, shall be deemed to be acceptance of the said delivery. The date of delivery set out in the order form is made in good faith, but the performance of the suppliers’s engagement is subject to industrial disturbances, delay in transit, damage to goods in transit and other causes beyond the reasonable control of the supplier.   Delivery times vary for each product as they are custom-decorated, please refer to your quote and order confirmation for delivery time.

All goods are sold at the price current at time of delivery. The price of goods are at the Suppliers works. Costs and charges for freight and handling at time of delivery to the Customer or the Customer’s agent are payable by the Customer unless otherwise stated on the order form/confirmation. Note: Pricing may vary from time to time subject to exchange rate variations and/or material increases outside the control of the supplier.

Special Orders
Special orders, including but not limited to those imported from overseas will attract a 50% deposit. No returns will will be accepted if goods have been decorated, imprinted.

All goods sold carry only such warranty, if any as is furnished by the manufacturer thereof, or as implied by law.

The supplier shall not be liable for any amount greater than the sale price of the product originally supplied. Without limiting the meaning of this clause, the supplier shall not be liable for any claims, loss, expense whatsoever how so every arising, or in the event in any way whatsoever for any contingent, consequential direct/indirect special or punitive damages arising in relation thereto, and the Customer acknowledges this express limit or liability and agrees to limit any claim accordingly. Further the Supplier, shall not be responsible direct or indirectly for any consequential loss or maintenance, use or operation of the product by the customer, or to any third party, or from any failure of the product whether defective or not.

The supplier is required by law to pay Goods and Services Tax (GST) on any work, the subject of any order. Unless otherwise stated GST will be in addition to the estimate/quote provided.

The Customer shall inspect the Goods on delivery and shall within three (3) days of delivery (time being of the essence) notify the Seller of any alleged defect, shortage in quantity, damage or failure to comply with the description or quote. The Customer shall afford the Seller an opportunity to inspect the Goods within a reasonable time following delivery if the Customer believes the Goods are defective in any way. If the Customer shall fail to comply with these provisions the Goods shall be presumed to be free from any defect or damage. For defective Goods, which the Seller has agreed in writing that the Customer is entitled to reject the Seller’s liability is limited to either (at the Seller’s discretion) replacing the Goods or repairing the Goods

Return of Goods 
We are not required to provide a refund or replacement if you change your mind especially as the majority of products we sell will include your custom-branding.

In the event of unbranded goods, and Customer elects to return goods or cancel an order, the Supplier at its absolute discretion reserves the right to charge  up to 15% handling fee of the amount involved or all costs incurred as at date of cancellation. No returns can be accepted without the consent of the Supplier.

You can choose a refund or exchange if an item has a major problem, this includes:

  • It is unsafe;
  • is significantly different from the sample or description; or
  • doesn’t do what we said it would, or what you asked for and can’t be easily fixed.Alternatively, you can choose to keep the item and we will compensate you for any drop in value.If the problem is not major, for example a broken zip on a jacket, we will repair the item within a reasonable time. If it is not repaired in a reasonable time you can choose a  refund or replacement.


Privacy – Credit
The Customer authorises the Seller or the Seller’s agent to:
(a) access, collect, retain and use any information about the Customer;

(b) disclose information about the Customer, whether collected by the Seller from the Customer directly or obtained by the Seller from any other source, to any other credit provider or any credit reporting agency for the purposes of providing or obtaining a credit reference, debt collection or notifying a default by the Customer.

Where the Customer is an individual the authorities under clause 19.1 are authorities or consents for the purposes of the Privacy Act 1993.
The Customer shall have the right to request the Seller for a copy of the information about the Customer retained by the Seller and the right to request the Seller to correct any incorrect information about the Customer held by the Seller.

We care about your Privacy
As part of doing business with our decorators, to complete your orders, we do need to share your branding information.  We only share other information, like Delivery Address and Delivery Contact Information, should it be necessary for our supplier or decorator to send the products direct to you.  It’s not necessary to share other business information or history with our business suppliers to complete your order.  It’s also important to note that your delivery information including email and phone number may be uploaded to a couriers website that will conduct the delivery of parcel in the normal course of business.  Our systems are individually passworded and accounting based software is a two-factor authentication system.   We no longer hold paper copies of orders.

Our website doesn’t store cookies for tracking purposes.

Your history may be referred to by us, but not an external source, for the purpose of recommending further or related products at a future date.

Our electronic newsletter may be include information on new product releases and specials.  The newsletter may be unsubscribed at any time.

If at any time you’d like to view the contact information held please email:

Cardholder Information

EFTPOS Terminal is located in our office for payments.  Any payment made over the phone will be shredded after payment is completed, you will receive a scanned copy of the Terminal Receipt by email.   After 1/7/2019, we are working towards adding a merchant hosted payment page.  Our company does not store cardholder date in electronic or any other format.  Please never email us your card details.

Cardholder Information (From July 1, 2019)
Apart from payment made in store, any other processing of cards will take place on a merchant hosted payment page.