Wind Flags – Overview

Wind flags are typically used outdoors to display a message or a design on a long, narrow banner that flutters in the wind. Here are some common places where wind flags may be used:

Outdoor events: Wind flags are often used at outdoor events, such as fairs, festivals, sporting events, and concerts, to help visitors find their way around and to promote the event.

Retail locations: Wind flags are used outside retail locations, such as car yards, furniture stores, and restaurants, to catch the attention of passing motorists and pedestrians and to promote sales or special offers.

Construction sites: Wind flags are sometimes used on construction sites to indicate the location of the site and to promote the contractor.

Beaches and parks: Wind flags are used at beaches and parks to indicate designated areas or to provide information to visitors.

Golf courses: Wind flags can also be used on golf days to indicate the location of each hole, to help golfers determine the direction of the wind, and to promote the golf day sponsors.

Overall, wind flags are a versatile and eye-catching way to promote a message or a brand, and can be used in a variety of settings where there is a steady breeze or wind.

Shapes and Sizes

We have shown a graphic overview of the sizes and shapes available for our standard wind flags.  Bearing in mind, each shape is the same price (the price only varies between small, medium and large), so you can select a shape that best suits your logo or design.

Clicking or tapping the image should open a larger graphic for you.

If you are running your logo vertically down the flag, we suggest one of the wing banner shapes for greater print area.

View Popular Wind Flags with Prices

Do you have more options ?

Yes, these are the most common styles, we can source an extra large 5M flag and various other options, so if you have something specific, please get in touch.


A number of bases or accessories are available. These are shown in the following graphic.

All the prices online include a spiky base as standard.

Here are the prices for the optional extras:

Retractable Cross Base   $55.00 ex gst
Car Base  $55.00 ex gst
Marquee Base  $55.00 ex gst
Water Base – white large  $65.00 ex gst
Water Base – black  $60.00 ex gst
Water Bag  $25.00 ex gst
Wall/Ground Mounts $40.00 ex gst


Single Sided or Double Sided

We recommend you get your artwork on both sides of the flag.  While its slightly higher cost, this will mean your target market will be able to read the flag from both sides.  Here is an example of a single sided flag.

As a general guide, you will save $30 ex get per flag for a single sided print (the economy tear drop is only available in double sided print).

The our prices on-line will include a double sided print.

Why do you recommend artwork that goes up one side/down the other ?

Flags are designed to bend in the wind. The bend will follow the pole as shown in photos below.

For a double sided print, we suggest you allow for the flag bending when designing your flag.  So, this means logo runs up one side and down the other side.  This will allow better readability of text or logos as the flag bends in the wind.

We have run our logo vertically for greater exposure. We’ve positioned the logo/text with the pole above it (right on this photo),  this will prevent the text/logo appearing upside down as it bends in stronger wind.