Priced Promotional Catalogues

Here are our priced promotional catalogues from Grenada Promotional Products. These are all inclusive of the product, printing and set-up costs of the most common decoration method. We appreciate that making decisions about which promotional product is hard, especially if you don’t know the price. We just want to make finding prices and products easier with our priced promotional catalogues. If you are unsure though, please talk to us about other options, products and printing methods.

PromoBasics contains over 1000 of the most popular products from various sources.
Trends contains a great overview of the immense products available in our industry in one convenient catalogue.
Pen Collection allows you to browse through the industry’s most popular and trusted promotional pens.
Promo Stress Shapes brings together stress shapes from various catalogues in one convenient location.

We just want to make finding prices on the most popular promotional products easy for you.

Promo basics, Priced Promotional Catalogues
promo stress shapes, Priced Promotional Catalogues
pen collection, Priced Promotional Catalogues