Promotional Products Newcastle

Promotional Products Newcastle

Grenada Promotional Products has been supplying promotional products in Newcastle since 1998.

Their showroom is regarded as one of the most extensive showrooms in Australia. It is located in the geographical centre of the greater Newcastle area at Cardiff.

We sat down recently with the founder and director of Grenada Promotional Products, Michael Kelly, and asked a few questions about running a business in Newcastle.


What do you like about doing business in Newcastle?

The city often feels like a big country town. Everyone knows who you are and we receive plenty of referrals by word of mouth. In fact, referrals are our biggest source of new customers.

Operating out of Newcastle is also more relaxed than a capital city. So, you’ll find we have more time to listen to a customer’s promotional product needs. We pride ourselves on being able to find the right product for the right price for all of our customers.

We also have access to major freight companies. This allows us to operate nationally at a cost advantage over our capital city cousins.


What about selling Promotional products in particular?

In Newcastle, we have a wonderful opportunity to see our products in action.  It’s rewarding to see successful promotions in the Newcastle business community where we have been part of the integrated marketing campaign.

You don’t have to search too hard to see our products being used. It might be NBN news, The Herald, or you could see someone walking around the Newcastle show, the local farmers markets or a local sporting event.  It’s always a nice feeling to see the advertising working. We also have recently started our own instagram @grepro because we want you to see our products in action too. You can even contribute your own photo to be posted.


What is the advantage of having an extensive on site showroom? 

There are so many advantages to being able to touch and feel the products. We have dedicated years to establishing and maintaining our showroom, which would be the most extensive in the Newcastle region. I would actually bet its best in the hunter region, probably even better than any you would find in Sydney too.

A customer may drop in to our showroom at Cardiff with a promotional pen they were given, commenting that they like the quality and want to order the same type. Its heart warming when you realise we suggested that pen and that it was because they came in to see us that they chose it to start with.


When your looking for experience and local knowledge, you can’t go past the team at Grenada Promotional Products in Newcastle for your promotional merchandise needs.